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About MI OL

Michigan Operation Lifesaver is an active, continuous public information and education program designed to help prevent crashes at highway/rail grade-crossings. In addition, the goal is to eliminate trespasser incidents along the railroad rights-of-way.

The 3 "E"s of Operation Lifesaver are: Education, Engineering, and Enforcement. Each has a role in our attempt to reduce the over 500 fatal crashes and over 600 trespasser fatalities that occur each year.

States across the U.S. and several foreign countries have OL programs. MI OL's trained volunteer presenters will come to your organization to make an interesting presentation.

Michigan Operation Lifesaver is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

MI OL Events

Bi-annual Meeting April 18, 2019, 0930 Durand Union Station

MI OL Safety Partners

  • Sam Crowl - State Coordinator
  • Curtis Stewart - Assistant State Coordinator

    Board of Directors

  • Robert Grogan - Chairman (Amtrak)
  • Charles Crane - Vice Chairman (CN)
  • Jon Cool - Sec/treasurer (MRA)
  • Ken Gilsdorf (OLI)
  • Scott Carleson (MSP)


  • Sam Crowl
  • Julie Gravelle
  • Curtis Stewart
  • Rahn Stokes

MI OL Statistics

Safety Presentations

Do you have a group that would benefit from a free presentation on highway-rail grade crossing safety and rail trespass prevention? No problem.

Michigan Operation Lifesaver's network of Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteers (OLAV) offer free rail safety programs in school classrooms, to driver ed students, community service and civic groups, professional bus, truck and emergency first responder drivers and others. Our trained volunteers are located throughout the state. If you would like to schedule a presenter, contact State Coordinator Sam Crowl at the email address on the "Contact Us" sidebar.

If you would like to become an OLAV, fill out an online application available by clicking HERE.

Contact Us

Sam A. Crowl State Coordinator

248-980-4636 (mobile)
248-823-7037 (office)

6717 Locust Drive
Troy , MI    48098